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Member Types

Business (Retail & Other)

Base rate $210 with an additional fee for each employee after the first five. Additional locations included at 1/2 the main location rate.

Industrial Manufacturing

Base rate of $490 along with a small additional fee per employee.

Licensed Professional

Base rate of $230 covering the location of the business. In addition, a fee for each licensed professional at that business.

This category would include: Doctors, Lawyers and any others that must be licensed to serve in a capacity that is not included in other chamber categories.

Financial Institutions

An amount based on per million of deposits. Additional small fee for locations other than the main branch.

Real Estate / Insurance

Base rate of $255 covering the location of the business. In addition, a flat fee per agent at that location.

New Car Dealers

Flat Base rate

Hospital / Care Facilities

Base rate of $210 along with a fee for each employee at the facility.

Utilities (Gas - Electric)

Flat base rate for in town companies with a reduced rate for those based out of town but still serving Spencer.

Government Agencies

Flat base rate of $180

Non Profit (Churches, 501 - C3 & 501 - C6)

Flat rate of $110

Home Based Busines

Flat rate of $115

Individual Supporters (no business association)

Flat rate of $115

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The Spencer campus of Iowa Lakes began operating in he mid 1970s.  It includes facilities for day, evening and weekend college liberal arts courses, allied health and office programs, computer labs, community education services, a learning resource center, as well as the main offices of the RSVP program and the...
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